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I am Sven, a twenty years older with a passion for travelling, exploring the most variegated cultures whilst eating my way through the world! I have created Sven Journal as an outlet to my wanderlust, to share insights on my destinations and as an archive of the many places I still want to visit and re-visit, to share my love for everything surrounding us all. My love for fashion and beauty may transfer to this blog too.  I am also studying International Relations and Political Sciences. You can find me wearing a big smile on my face and my nose in a book or my focus on a subway map!

Stick around!



xx, Sven





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    You give us the wanderlust too!! Thank you!!!! Reminds me that I experiences are worth more than most material things. However, I love how you mix in fashion and things us ladies love too!!!!!

    • Sven Journal


      Thank you so much, but i have now read the rules and i have more followers than the maximum accepted. I have reached it last night!

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