The most iconic spots in Los Angeles


Los Angeles

In Los Angeles there are very few things as famous as the Santa Monica pier, probably just the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame. It is a true landmark with a rich history, despite being just a little over 100 years old, filled with happy stories connected to its ever changing, or should i say ever evolving, entertainment structures such as the famous ferry that towers over the entire pier or the many boutiques and restaurants nearby. Over the decades this pier has seen success and true misery when it was almost destroyed by violent storms in the '80s, but it always managed to make a big come back with ever better locations and fun things to experience!


Los Angeles

Situated on the hills of Griffith park, the observatory provides you with a stunning view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. The story behind its creating is a heart warming one! The land on which the observatory sits was donated to the city of Los Angeles by Mister Griffith with funds to allow the city to build a observatory on it, going completely against the, then common, assumption that structures such as this should be only built in remote locations only accessible to few privileged people. Mister Griffith instead wanted to bring together the unaccessible subject of astronomy and common people. Isn't it a really great story? So let's all thank Griffith for such a beautiful action on his part!


Los Angeles

It is indeed a famous spot thanks to outfits photos taken against this very wall by many Fashion and non bloggers from all over the world. It is a corner of the Paul Smith store in Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles! A true must if you want to snap a Insta famous pic in a matter of seconds!


Los Angeles

Situated in downtown Los Angeles this concert hall was designed by Frank Gehry, the one who also designed the superb Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, in fact if you compare the two buildings the touch of Gehry's pen is blatant: they almost look like a continuum project, only divided by an ocean and a lot of land. It has quickly become a very celebrated spot thanks to its recurring appearances in many movies of the last decade. It is very well visible for example in the lovely Los Angeles based movie Celeste and Jesse forever, which features Andy Samberg as Jesse.


Los Angeles

We all know that the stars on the Walk of Fame are a remarkable achievement for the people in the entrainment industry, not just for actors and musicians, but do you know how it all started? I have always wondered how could someone think of putting a star on a pavement for celebration. As with many stories there are many theories and assumptions on who started what, although there is no substantial proof that one of the many theories is more relevant than the other so i guess i will have to keep my question mark on this. The only certain fact is that this Los Angeles landmark was created with the aid of many brains and not just thanks to the idea of a single person. Situated on the Hollywood boulevard It now has more than 2000 stars so if you have a specific star in mind come prepared and study beforetime its location.


Los Angeles

A.k.a. the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard. The photo shows the Installation called Urban Light by Chris Burden who assembled it to give new life to the entrance of the Museum which looked a bit abandoned and frankly quite boring at night.


Los Angeles

There is not much else to add: it is the Hollywood sign, you need to go see it, although it is hard not to eventually see it even if you didn't plan on it. I might just add that it once was called Hollywoodland and it was originally put there only as part of an advertisement campaign for new affordable houses built in the area. It was meant to stay there for less than two years but during that time it became such a symbol that it was decided the sign would stay there permanently. Needless to say the houses in that area are not that affordable anymore haha.


Los Angeles

To me this location will always be the place where the crew of 90210 would come and have a blast during the time of the reboot of the 90210 show. But that's beyond the point. :P It is also the venue in which big concerts take place and where it is reasonably easy to expect saying major celebrities attending the same concert you are. But then again it is Los Angeles so celebrities are to be seen everywhere.


Los Angeles

It is a great place for vintage gems and antiques of all sorts. You can find almost anything in here so start fresh and come here in the morning so you can spend a good part of your day scouting around and who knows what you might find! It runs every Sunday 9AM-5PM.


Los Angeles

Considered by most as the best flea market of the entire state and that is saying a lot! Unlike The Melrose Trading Post, this Los Angeles flea market occurs on the second Sunday of every month and it really has a bit of everything and it really excites me the idea of all the crazy deals on the furniture items sold here so you really need to come and check it out too!


Los Angeles

Of course i had to list Disneyland! Hey it is the Los Angeles's Disneyland! What did you expect? :P

And finally the word goes to you now! Do you think there are absolutely iconic spots in Los Angeles that i should add to the list? And what do you think of this roundup of spots? Let me know in the comments below! :)