The Dusty Pink Wishlist

dusty pink wishlist
dusty pink wishlist

My horoscope said I would feel pretty in pink this year. Pretty in dusty pink to be precise! When I first read it I thought it was a very random thing to mention in a horoscope. Then again, someone could reply to this by saying that horoscopes are randomness on paper at its finest. I don't disagree, but I love reading it anyway. Reading my monthly and yearly horoscopes is a ritual and a tradition.

Back to what I was saying! The oracle said I would be a pink lady this year and I never wear pink, probably because of the overdose of pink shirts back in my childhood! BUT! We are 3 weeks into 2017 and all I can think of is dusty pink hues.

No joke! So now, here I share some of the pink madness going around my head!

Let me know what you think!

-The Dusty Pink Wishlist-


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