Hello World It's me!

Mother and I in Budapest

This is my first ever article on this platform and before I get into details of the topic of the actual first article I want to write, I would like to introduce myself! Hello :) I am Marty a.k.a. Sven, and considering the ambiguity of my name I now specify that I am a girl.

Hello World, it's Me!

I am currently a full-time student at University, studying International Relations. I have decided to open this blog as an outlet for my passion for travelling: I have visited many countries but I am still far from considering myself a Globe Trotter but I know one day I will.

Travelling gives me tremendous joy and a beautiful sense of freedom! On this blog, i will write about the experiences I have had and will have around the world, and I hope this will be somehow enjoyable for others :). I will also talk about music, some books and share bits and pieces about lifestyle.

So I hope somebody will stick around to watch my journey through the experiences I will write about, I hope you like my journal! And HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE!! May this year be filled with whatever your heart truly desires and that receiving what you want really makes you happy.

xx, Sven

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