Must Visit: Matthias Templom in Budapest


Matthias Templom, Budapest is a Must Visit in Budapest!

Good-day Everybody! Today i would like to talk about this beautiful building in the picture, Matthias Templom, but first, i want to say sorry for starting a blog and not being consistent with it from the start. There are no excuses for such thing but if you want to give the benefit of the doubt ( which would be great if you did :) ), i am a student, as i have already mentioned and I'm in the midst of my winter exams session so my schedule is all over the place and my mind is submerged by books and notes and freaking information and notions required for the exams that are not provided either by the professor nor the assistant of the professor nor by any freaking one! AAAAAA How is that possible!! I am realising that not failing an exam nowadays is a mind game between you, student, and the professor who is mostly likely to be so old and tired that he won't give a beeeeeep about you passing their exam. Anyway, i try to count the blessings over the negative aspects of daily life. One of which (positively speaking) is being able to tell you about this incredible Church I've seen:Matthias Templom.

DSCN2080Matthias Templom is situated in Szentharomsag TΓ©r 2, TΓ©r means square and can be visited Monday to Friday at 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. or 9 to 17, on Saturday 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. or 9 to 13 and on Sunday 1 p.m. till 5 p.m. or 13 to 17. After which time Matthias Templom is technically still open but only for the people who want to pray and if you are wandering aroung with your nose pointing the sky every two seconds ( no judgment here, i do it too) the old ladies who visit Matthias Templom to pray will observe you with their hawkeye before the door and they will deny you the access, unless you can pull off puppy eyes and convince them otherwise. I know i didn't persuade them enough to let me in so I know i'll have to come back and visit the interior at the right visiting hour. I just lost track of time because before going there, my group and i stopped at the pastry shop i have talked about in my previous post; Matthias Templom is situated near the amazing Pastry shop called Ruszwurm Cukraszda, which, again, i highly recommend! :)

DSCN2088SPOILER ALERT!! I am a History and Art enthusiast so now i am about to ramble like a fangirl about this. I hope you'll stick around anyway :) I'll keep it short i promise.

Matyas Templom ( the right name) is the most important sacred building of Budapest. The construction started in the XIII Century and it had to undergo many structural changes before reaching the state we can all admire today. During the XV Century the lateral Gothic chapels and the bell tower were added! Then the Turkish invasion took place ( 1541-1686), and this is fascinating to remember because all around time the influences brought by them are still fairly visible! See?? I am rambling! Back to the Church! During this time it was transformed into a Mosque, and during the battle for the liberation of Buda ( originally Budapest was divided in the area of Buda and the area of Pest) the building was greatly damaged and not until 1874 with the architect Frigyes Schulek was it fixed! The restoration lasted till 1896 and it is thank to the restoration and the chapels and decorative parts added by Schulek that we can this marvelous sight today!


DSCN2083I really hope this pictures and my text inspire you to visit this place and Budapest for the first time or to go back and visit it again and again. I Know i will come back and share it here on my Sven Journal baby. Have you visited this Church before? Do You have any recommendations for my next visit to Budapest?