How to Go Back to the You You Used to Like


I long for the person i was before. This is what i thought was one defining moment. Pretty simple. Yet groundbreaking. The person i was is still inside of me. I am still ME. Only covered in and wrapped up in several over the years developed-safety blankets. I need to come out of that. I have widely talked about what this transition means to me HERE and i really hope it can help at least one person out there who is going through the same.

How to go back to the You, you used to like

I have been thinking long and hard about the person i was before and how to go back to me I used to like. First and foremost this does absolutely not mean that the current me needs to move towards retirement. I have acquired many good tips and tricks on how to be a better human being around others and to myself as well. I have studied and travelled more and far, way more than before. That means i have gained some new assets, useful for the life i want to have and the person i want to me. So this is not a demolition of my current self! I like to look at it more as a renovation with a focus on vintage, on looking back for inspiration. This is exactly how my new journey for self-discovery has started: i was looking for better ways to improve myself and while i thinking about how this and that could improve, i realised i was very much talking about traits i once owned. And so the journey has begun. I am not, here and now, going to talk about the traits I'd like to achieve or better, get back. If You are interested in a more in-depth post about it, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll certainly get on to work on it for you. For now, i will stick to basics and list the major key points.

-Be brave(R)

-Walk mindlessly around town for hours

-Be inspired, constantly, everywhere, at any time, for everything

-Give back

-Random gestures of kindness


Key points to the one i was before. Key points to what ideally is the source of much of my past happiness, besides family and friends.

Be Brave/r because there is no better feeling to me than being scared and still doing something you want to do/ overcome your fear. I consider myself a brave person but oh boy! was i fearless just a few years ago. When everything seemed possible, doable. When the only limit was my imagination. That is priceless and it is the first and most important point on my list. When I'll succeed and go back to beautifully fearless me, I'll certainly write about it.

Walking mindlessly around town goes hand in hand with the following point of being inspired because i remember some of my best projects and personal satisfactions came to me while walking. Everything i see is an immense source of inspiration and therefore let's take it outside and go for a walk.

Yet being inspired needs to be explained and talked about on its own. My biggest advice if you lack inspiration is to find what moves you the most. I am not talking about your greatest passion in life, i am straight up talking about what is your best source of inspiration, the thing you know will work magic with you. To make it more understandable I'll give you my biggest source of inspiration: reading! Very much that. Reading everything and anything that comes my way. I read a lot of books, magazines and pretty much anything that has words on it. I kid you not. I consider worth reading even the billboards and the fliers. I read everything and that really sparks something in my head all the time. I, in fact, read a lot of blogs as well. The second biggest source is writing. As i am doing right now. I mainly write for myself considering that as of now my blog as barely a thousand views per month and no comments. Writing down something has always made me feel more committed to a project, to a deadline, to myself. Yes, i even wrote a couple of "Dear future me,..." letters. Which i don't particularly raccomend as they are written out of the best optimism and spur of the moment when your "hope levels" reach a barely human level near the sky. I don't recommend them because when the day you set them to appear in your mailbox they will certainly find you in a grey moment and will mainly get you down. Other than that i really mean it! Find the tool to your creativity. Mines are reading and writing and as a sign of my commitment to this journey of self-discovery i want to write a post every day. Not meaning i will actually post it on here, but i will write write write, to get the creativity juices flowing. Find your tool people who actually read this far! ( by the way, i <3 you)


Give back and random gestures of kindness will have a bigger impact than you think. It is a small thing from you that can really do big in the world. So smile, help and love the others around you. Strangers and not. People you come across are not all idiots, you probably just caught them in a peculiar moment. Be kind. You are probably someone's stranger idiot too.

Genuineness, as in be yourself. Appreciate the purest and simplest things in life. Love genuinely and fear not, your open heart will be rewarded and not get broken again.

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