Brooklyn Brooklyn is a dream. A huge one for me. I have been dying to visit and fall in love with it (or should i say her?) for a long, loooong time. Therefore i have been scraping ideas for the perfect days in Brooklyn, the perfect coffee places In Brooklyn, the perfect lunch/ dinner spots in Brooklyn, the perfect everything in Brooklyn! And i have been storming ideas for more than i can actually remember so now i have finally decided to start sharing them on here, as a reminder for you and for me. As i want to collect and share some of the gems i have been finding while reading blogs upon blogs upon blogs got the idea. A lot of blogs have been read and sacrificed in the name of knowledge.


Top 8 Things You Must Do in Brooklyn:

  1. Prospect Park, a great place where to go to really experience and feel the seasons changing.
  2. Take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge (duh!), either by bike or by foot or why not both ways if you have the time.
  3. Grab a bite at super instagrammable Bakeri at Greenpoint. The "bread everything" is really popular and appreciated.
  4. Visit the Botanical Gardens, whose entry is free on Tuesdays.
  5. Eat all the pies at Four And Twenty Blackbirds.
  6. See another (and spectacular!) side of Brooklyn at The Farm On Kent, which i am pretty sure a lot of you out there will recognise as a very famous movie location. It is especially beautiful to visit at golden hour.
  7. Unnameable Bookstore, i can't help but feel immediately attracted to anything book related therefore every time i hear a bookstore recommendation i have to check it out. Also, this one, in particular, is one of those old fashioned messy stores where you really have to go on a treasure hunt to find what you desire, ergo even more fun!
  8. Enjoy the graffitis in Bushwick. Buildings covered in real Street art worth looking into.

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