Cheap Bite: Ari’s Bagels I Paris

Ari's Bagels I left my heart in Paris this past February, more specifically at Ari’s Bagels. I’m kidding but it is almost true, i am ashamed to admit that i almost dream of my vegetarian bagel i ate pretty much every even day. I have eaten bagels in many many places around Europe and oh my *ckjgbrgiyg* this place is good, actually no, this place is GOOD in capital letters because it deserves it. I stumbled upon, and like for everything great it was defiantly not planned.

Ari's Bagels

Let’s be honest, i walked in without hesitation because i was so hungry and the external appearance was decent, pretty colors on the outside and inside a fresh interior with a lot of wood and semi-Scandinavian style and also, unlike most places in Paris, there was room to move around the chairs and the few tables freely, if you’ve been to Paris, you know what i mean...

Ari's Bagels

Let’s go straight to the point: food. Heaven! Not much else to say! Likely for the vegetarian friends, there is a menu for them too. I personally went for the vegetarian options every time, they were just special and it was to notice that the recipes for them were genuinely good and not just with some random vegetables thrown in them just to say that they have a vegetarian option. They also had soups and many remarkable desserts too but the only times i took one i went for a big yoghurt so don’t quote on how they are, although i trust they are on the same level of the rest of the food. My personal choice and obvious recommendation is "le Bagel est Dans le pre", quite a short name, i could have created it myself haha.

Ari's Bagels


[PARDON THE QUALITY OF THE PHOTO, taken in a hurry, let's consider it a good sign: i was so eager to eat because it is that good :)]

I did not know it immediately, which turned out to prove this place to be even better than first perceived. Ari’s Bagels is a chain of “diners” around Paris. I would normally snow chains because they seem unauthentic and overall i don’t like the feel of it but this is an exception to the rule and i will defiantly go back and you should give it a try.

Full disclosure: the one i went to every time is situated in 321 rue saint martin. Have you ever been there? What do you think of it? If not, will you try it? Follow