16 Thoughts for 2016

1. Don't let losses prevent you from chasing new dreams and gains.

2.People enrich you, take off your headphones and talk to them. Especially the elderly, they have so much knowledge hidden inside.

3. Always be kind to others, even when they are not with you because you don't know what their battles are.

4. Always love yourself first, before loving anyone else, so you'll be able to give your best self to the ones you love.

5. When all else fails, a girls night in or out with a bottle of wine or two is always a good idea.

6. Speaking of Good ideas, chocolate is always a good idea.

7.Productive days go hand in hand with lazy days to clear your head and regain energy and creativity.


8.Letting go of toxic friendships is not selfish, it is fundamental to your own happiness and to the happiness of the ones near you.

9. Take care of your health first, then your physical appearance.

10. Driving around is always a great way to clear your head and give yourself some new headspace.

11.Quality over quantity.

12. Surround yourself with friends who celebrate you and love you. Friends who are sad when you are sad and happy for your happiness. And you, of course, be the same to them.

13. Always have an opinion you can back up with knowledge and do so with respect and kindness. Don't force it upon others, even when you are right.

14.Don't compromise your identity to impress others.

15. More often than not, you miss the memories and the presence of someone near you, not the person themselves.

16.Don't give an F about what others think of you. Let go of the fear of judgment this year.

Do you have other thoughts you think i should add to this list made for a happier life? I would like to hear Your thoughts now.

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