Lofoten is an archipelago in Nordland county in Norway and is famous for the very peculiar and distinctive landscapes with magnificent and dramatic mountain peaks, all coasted by open sea and secluded bays which hide away beautiful deserted beaches. The first time i came across Lofoten was many years ago, probably over an Instagram picture and ever since it has been on my must-go destinations. And let me tell you, Lofoten has exceeded my expectations big time. The first time i saw it, i thought it was one of the most beautiful places i had ever seen, yes, even just over a photo. Turns out that that very first Lofoten picture was nothing compared to its specular real magnificence. And when i visit properly, i will take a kick ass photo diary, maybe even this year.

Top 10 Reasons you need to visit Lofoten

1. The amazing sunsetsLofoten

 2. The colourful housesLofoten

 3. The endless amount of activities: fjords, whale watching, diving, sea safaris, hiking, skiing, etc. You name it, they have it.Lofoten

4. Hidden beachesLofoten

 5. Marvellous mountain peaks


6. Try the stockfish, for which they are so famous.Lofoten

  7. The northern lightsLofoten

  8. The super long summer days and the midnight sun


  9. Magical winters, with sceneries worth of the "How the Grinch stole Christmas" (my favourite Christmas movie ever, FYI) landscapes.Lofoten     

10. And the most important reason of all: the priceless views you can get from virtually everywhere.LofotenLofoten

I bet after this, Lofoten will be on your list too! Have some of you lovely readers visited already? If You have some insider tips, please do share on here. Follow