The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I Coiffeur Vintage Paris

Ultimate Guide to Vintage: Coiffeur Vintage Paris!

Coiffeur Vintage Paris in 32 Rue de Rosiers, I LOVE YOU!

It is the perfect Vintage Boutique for the shopping in Paris.


A dusty place for sure! That was my first thought after walking in Coiffeur Vintage, but then something happened! i stumble upon an entire rack of overalls, which may sound like one of the least appealing things to appreciate in a vintage shop but i had personal reasons! My mother had been driving me crazy ( no mum you did not, don’t worry) for the past two years, because she wanted me to find her the perfect pair of original ( as far as she is concerned, and since it was for her, she was rightly concerned, an original pair of overalls must read MUST, be an overall of the 90's, like the one she wore while being pregnant of me and, before me, my older sister. And you may ask how hard can it be to find overalls, 90’s style; well damn hard I'll tell you this. Therefore this places holds a really special spot in my heart and holds my gratitude! And no, i am not being overdramatic about this. Two years looking for the perfect pair is a long time if you think it is just an overall. And Thank you, thank you! This place accepts credit cards and not just cash. It has a great selection of coats and blazers, good quality purses and accessory. I have seen good quality bags starting at 5 euros! Come and take a look! It is also near one of the famous chain vintage stores, Free P Star, so you can plan a trip to check them both out. And before i leave i have to mention the beautiful window and overall ( pardon the word!) exterior! This place originally was a hair salon, in fact, coiffeur in french means hairdresser and the owner of the now successful vintage store decided to keep the original Coiffeur signing. A brave move and a stylistic great choice i may add. Additionally, i have to say that its location is fantastic because in a matter of few meters there are other incredible shops and cafes. Bonus added by his fashionable shop's neighbours! I really cannot wait to come back and shop their crazy pretty spring pieces and maybe fit in a small trip even in the summer. AH Paris in the summer time!

Have you been to Coiffeur Vintage Paris? Do you love it as much as I do? :) Do you have any vintage recommendations for me to check out in Paris?

WHERE, 32 Rue des Rosiers, METRO station, S. PaulFollow