The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I By Flowers

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I By Flowers

As i have mentioned in a previous article, By Flowers could be considered the brother of Vintage shop, the   ( pardon me for the lack of better terms) vintage shop right on the other side of the same road. The pieces are divided in colour shades, besides being already divided into categories. Very organised and practical. It is rich in soft flannels and sweaters for every season of the year. Since i have recently come back from Paris, i can say that the shop is mainly selling very warm pieces so this should come as no surprise: there is a great selection of fur coats, so soft and hopefully faux!


By Flowers offers a great range of versatile vintage pieces and a special shoutout goes to the red blazers section! It doesn’t get much better than that, it is a win-win. I love blazers and red is my favourite colour so…The owner is really quiet and gives you the time to look around freely and for as long as you want, the music is relaxing and the ambience could only improve if they offered you a cup of coffee, it is that pleasantly chilled. Give this place a try and let me know how was your experience at By Flowers!

Have you been to By Flowers before? Do you have any juicy vintage recommendations for Paris venturings?

WHERE, 86 Rue des Martyrs, METRO Abbesses