The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I Vintage Désir

Hello again! Here from me to you another vintage boutique review coming your way! It is the Vintage Désir! To describe this place properly i would go as far as to say it is strictly for a young target, the 20s and casual 30s because the products are really cozy and give away the mainly casual and easy breezy vibe with lots of oversized sweaters, flannels and colorful ( i am all for it) blazers, with a large section of coats.



The atmosphere is really chilled and, as far as i am concerned, a really positive note i have to make is: you are free to look around and take your time with the pieces without being harassed by the sales girls/boys. in all my shopping trips in the vintage stores of Paris, i have not found another place as cheap as Vintage Désiror for good ( haha this is really the case) old flannels. They cost 5 euros and regarding their quality they are as soon as the flannels tagged 10, 15 or even 20 euros of the other boutiques. I really mean it.

Also, the amount of sweaters is impressive, the racks were so heavily stocked it was almost hard to take a proper look at the garment without having to take it off of the racks. Their blazers are colourful and joyful, with the usual oversized twist of the ‘80s for most of them. Unlike many vintage venues, Vintage Désir does not sell jeans and trousers. It must be a director’s choice. Be warned not to come here if you are looking for bags and shoes as there is very little choice for them. There is a wide selection of berets and scarves so definitely go check them out. A mention goes to their coats who fill almost half of the store, many of them are oversized or even just with really large sizes too. I like this because it gives the possibility to enjoy the vintage shopping experience to more people than those who wear a size small. That said i could not find a blazer i liked that could fit me as they were all too big for me. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Have you been to Vintage Désir before? DO you like it? Do you have other vintage recommendations for me?

WHERE: Rue Yvonne le tac,right at the beginning of the road, a few steps away from the metro station. METRO station: Abbesses