The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I Marchand D'Habits

I could give mixed reviews about Marchand D’Habits because i visited the vintage shop on multiple occasions and each and every time i left with mixed feelings, mainly towards the owner who can come off as rude and obnoxious one time, as lovely and quiet the other. It really seems like there is no in-between with him; but i have to say: his shop is really impressive. It definitely is on the pricier side, compared to many vintage shops dislocated in the same area but its pieces of clothing are really REALLY remarkable. I even tried to buy a jacket+trousers suit but…you guessed it: too big, but this time too big just on me because if i had weighted probably three more kilos it would have been a good fit. Oh people who read it: it was sooooooooo beautiful. Oh well, another time i will find something even better, i am sure.


The quality of the pieces is far superior to most vintage stores i have seen, not only in Paris but in Europe, no joke; you can really notice AND APPRECIATE the dedication put in stocking the boutique with great pieces. In fact, i advise you to put this boutique on your to-do list for your trip to Paris! There is an interesting selection of skirts and coats, so take your time with them, you don’t want to miss out on a great piece just because it is not displayed perfectly! There are no particularly famous labels, but keep in mind things back in the day were done to last and to be in a good shape after many years so don’t skip on this just because you think a famous designer label equals quality or if you are only looking for celebrated designers pieces. Give this place a go! There is a good bag selection but the price tag is not really worth it, instead start digging in the basket with the wallets because there are really great pieces for a very little price. And do not forget to check out the stack of sunglasses because there are some serious hidden gems there. P.S. Get your cash game on before coming here because it doesn’t accept credit cards, just cash. Really old school ( vintage..aha…lame humour i know) here.

Have you been to Marchand D’Habits before? Do you love it? Do you have any vintage recommendations?

WHERE, 19 Rue Houdon, METRO station, Abbesses Follow//