The Ultimate Guide to Vintage in Paris I VINTAGE SHOP

VINTAGE SHOP, 83 Rue des Martyrs, another segment of the ultimate guide to Vintage Shopping in Paris!


This title is not funny, seriously the vintage shop i want to talk about is denominated Vintage Shop…so there you have it. It is a little shop in Montmartre, mainly worth mentioning because here is where i finally found something small enough to fit me! Seriously if you are feeling down about your size come to Paris because it really is a boost of confidence: it is almost always nice to leave a store empty handed with the notion that you didn’t buy anything because the item was too big, rather than too small, wouldn’t you agree?? And since i have mentioned it, i feel like you are all dying to know what i bought right? Ok, maybe not but still. I purchased a light cream ( can we pretend it is a real colour for a second? Thanks) blazer with thin dark blue stripes. Thank you for the attention. Back to the focal point. There is a bit of everything in here and there are many pieces with a famous designer label attached to them, such as Dolce&Gabbana and Armani. There is a good sized selection of jeans and trousers, jackets and coats. The prices are really contained and it is very much worth a visit, even just for having the hilarious pleasure of meeting the sales boy who also runs another vintage store, called in a more original way than Vintage Shop, on the other side of the road, it is the By Flowers. An article on it will be live briefly after this.

Have you been to Vintage Shop? Do you have any recommendations for other Vintage shops that are too special to miss out on in Paris?

WHERE, 83 Rue des Martyrs, METRO station, Abbesses. Follow//