Hainan Island is a destination on the rise on the Asian destinations department. Situated on the southern coast of China, Hainan Island has been compared to the ever so famous Hawaii. With its splendid white sandy beaches and clear waters, beautiful landscapes and picture perfect mountains surrounding the beaches down the coast, Hainan Island has been a well kept secret, mainly known to Chinese and Russian travellers.

Hainan is a province on the south of China, China's southernmost province to be precise. It counts many islands, the biggest of which is indeed Hainan island, and the province is named after it. The island's capital is Haikou which makes it a true must visit.

Hainan Island, China's Finest Island

Hainan Island counts, besides the natural wonders, an ancient village which can be visited with the due respect, a marvelous Shaolin temple, and a volcano park. Oh and did i mention that you can witness the strange phenomenon of monkeys going around freely? Yes! That's a very peculiar thing that makes Hainan Island ever more special.


  • The Nanshan Temple, in Sanya, a city on Hainan Island, is a relatively new temple, because it was built in 1988 to commemorate 2000 years of Buddhism in China. The main focus of the temple is the three sided bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha and, thanks to its 108 meters, it can be seen and admired even from a far or from a sailing boat.
  • The Yanoda Rainforest, a true must see, to get a real feel of the island. It has an immense park area which can be visited, all in safety with local guides.
  • The Temple of The Five Lords also knows as "The Temple of The Five Officials", has five temples and halls, built in honour of five officials of the Tang and Song dynasties. They were banished from the mainland to Hainan island for a time going from 11 days to 11 years, as a punishment for speaking against the wrong actions of the emperors.
  • Yangpu Ancient Salt Field, a true archaeological site made of more than 1000 stones, cut flat on the top, used to collect the water coming from high tides; and during low tides, the water evaporates and leaves the salt behind, for the collectors to...well, collect. This site has been around since 800 AD and the few salt workers left, still use the method of so long ago.
  • Monkey Island, is a natural reserve on the south of Hainan. Despite being called Island, it is actually part of the Hainan Island itself. Here you will find beautiful macaques walking around freely and, if they feel like it, the monkeys will interact and play with the visitors.
  • Yalong Bay, also known as Yalong Wan or Crescent Dragon Bay, is a beautiful 7 km white beach is Sanya city. 


Hainan has a really humid tropical climate, therefore it's best to visit is during the colder months, between January and March, where temperatures are around 20 Β°C and the levels of humidity are best tolerable.


Hainan counts two international airports: the Haikou Meilan International Airport and the Sanya Phoenix International Airport. Or you can take the ferry connecting the mainland to the island and then proceed by taking the trains which will take everywhere you want on the island.


Have you been to Hainan before? And if so, what do you think is a must see there?

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