Hello hello! My next trip is coming up very soon ( in less than 24 hours!) and it's going to be Budapest again. I rave about this city to all of my friends quite often ( some would say i never shut up about it, but hey! Budapest is that good!) and I'm excited to be coming back as i had promised my self the first time i visited. I'm going to spend there the week with one of my best friends, Giulia. She has never been to Budapest before so i really can't wait to show her around non-stop. I have a lot planned and i thought it would be a nice idea to list here the very must see attractions for the first timer in Budapest. It is a reminder to you as it is to me.

First Timers: Budapest!

The very must see attractions for First Timers in Budapest

  1. Matyas Templom
  2. Fisherman's Bastion
  3. Castle Hill
  4. The Hungarian National Gallery Museum
  5. The Parliament
  6. Chain's Bridge and the other bridges from the banks of the Danube River
  7. Heroes' Square
  8. Ruszwurm Cake Shop

Matyas Templom

Fisherman's Bastion

Castle Hill

(Creeping on my friend Giulia)

(A view from the other side of Castle Hill)

The Hungarian National Gallery Museum

The Parliament

Chain's Bridge

Heroes's Square

Ruszwurm Cake Shop

Of course i had to include the most amazing cake shop ever! As far as i am concerned your visit here is not complete without a trip to this little heaven on Earth.

Have you ever been to Budapest? Have you visited all of the places mentioned on the First Timers list?

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