Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Summer is indeed here, and what better way to celebrate it and enjoy it than to spend a relaxing day at the beach? Let's all start planning!

Confession Time: I myself have never been much of a beach person. For that matter not at all a summer person but this past winter was really hard for me and for the first time in my life ( not exaggerating) I have craved beach weather and hot weather. I still love winter and spring like crazy but I can finally truly appreciate the summer frenzy everyone has always had and understood WAAAAY before I did. Therefore for the first time, I actively desire to lay on the beach and simply chill. I've rounded up some of the most stunning beaches in Italy I could choose from all the great options out there, so by all means, don't hesitate to put me in the know for other beautiful locations YOU think I should add this wanderlust list!

I am currently in Italy aka one of the most scenic and stunning places in the world. Considering that this very country has the majority of its borders graced by seas I'd say it is a pretty solid idea to go look for some of the best beaches in the world right here. Depending on what you want to do at the beach, you'll find yourself immersed in the beauty and clear waters, along with relaxing sceneries like few others.

Rotunda Beach, Tropea

This beach reminds me of a landscape you could find in Game of Thrones, wouldn't it look really fitting in King's Landing?? Absolutely unreal!

The beach of Grotticelle at Capo Vaticano, Vibo Valentia

This beach is part of a complex of three beautiful beaches of Grotticelle, each one has its own little bay so it is worth to go take a peak a the other two! The stunning landscape truly reminds me of Greece! Stunning.

Giunco Beach

How is this real life? Am I Dreaming? The world is indeed a beautiful place! The first time I came across this beach I thought it was a mistake, it could not possibly be Italy! It looks like a real gem From Thailand or Vietnam! Indeed it is Italy!

Cala Portese Beach

And not far from the aforementioned paradise there is the Beach of Cala Portese, on Caprera island. The things said about Giunco Beach can be posted here as well! Insert paradise emoji here please!

Campo All'Aia Beach, Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and apparently holds many more secrets than i had imagines because when i think of Tuscany i immediately think of Florence, Pisa, Architecture, Paintings and Gelato. Not beaches but i was oh so wrong. Tuscany has some serious stunning beaches! This one particularly reminds me of a Cape Town beach, hugged by hills and mountains in the background. A true must see!

Mezzavalle Beach

Surrounded by vegetation and with the whitest sand, this beach is simply eye candy. You reach the location after walking down a steep trail walk and after a beautiful day at the beach, when you reach the highest point of the landmark on your way back you can truly enjoy an out of this world sunset setting on this memorable landscape.

Cala Luna Beach, Ogliastra

A paradise worth of Thailand, surrounded by mountains and the most vibrant green vegetation, the Cala Luna Beach in Sardinia is a little piece of heaven on earth.

It is clear that this article had to be called this way because there is absolutely no possibility of gathering here all together the most beautiful beaches of Italy, for there are far to many; in fact when i was writing this article and collecting some more infos i kept stumbling upon other incredible places and i truly think in order to give them proper justice i'll have to vision each and everyone in person myself. A hard task my friends! Ahah but i will manage :P  and feel free to join me! :)

Have you been to one or more of this beaches? What other italian beaches do you think deserve a special spot in this list?


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