12 Awesome Free Things To Do In San Francisco

Despite being one of the most expensive towns to live in, in California and in the USA, San Francisco offers an abundance of opportunities at the cost of zero dollars. Therefore it is a great city escape if you are on a budget or simply want to enjoy the city from a new perspective, one you did not take in consideration before. So without further ado, let's dig in the best things to do in San Francisco for free!

1. Free San Francisco Walking Tours

Of course let's start with the most obvious and most fun free thing San Francisco offers: free tours organised by the amazing San Francisco City Guides Organization, put together thanks to volunteers who love their city so much they will be the best guides you could ever hope to find. They'll share stories of the past town and spill great recommendations of places they usually go to themselves, so touristy restaurants avoided. The free tours can vary their path from time to time so make sure you check out the dates, meeting points and itineraries on their Website.

2. Free San Francisco Tour of the Golden Gate Bridge

Much like the free tours just mentioned, this free tour of the most iconic symbol of San Francisco is organised by the an Francisco City Guides aforementioned.

3. Free San Francisco Tour of Fort Point

This fortress was built during Civil War and is still today a reminder of a great part of American History. It is now a museum of military objects. Besides offering incredible views of the Bay and of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Fort offers free guides of the area and some of the guides are even Civil War themed and done in the chilly atmosphere created by candlelights!

4. Free San Francisco Group Activities in the Presidio Area

Sport Basements in Presidio offers free lessons for a variegated number of actives: Yoga group lessons, spiced up running groups and more. Check out their website for more infos on the events and places.

5. Free San Francisco Tour of Pier 39 during the Tulipmania Festival

In the month of February, on Pier 39 at the Fisherman Wharf Area, there is the festival of Tulips, during which thousands of tulips are planted and bloom in wonderful and variegated colors and last for a few weeks. You can fully enjoy the celebrations by going on a free tour of the entire place, offered by the team handling the festival!

6.Free San Francisco Theater Productions

Twice a year free theater productions take over the city. Productions vary in topic and place so make sure you check them out prior your departure!

7. Free San Francisco Swing Dance Classes in Golden Gate Park

On the weekends, in a spot around 8th and 10th Avenue, you can participate in half-hour dance lessons, beginners level, held between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

8. Free San Francisco Visit Of The Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

You can visit the beautiful garden for free if you arrive by 10 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Considering it is normally 8 dollars per person it is a really great free pass to incredibly gorgeous landmarks of the city!

9. Free San Francisco Movie Screenings All Throughout The City

During the warmer months you can catch a movie for free in all the major parks of San Francisco. Mission bay Park and The University of San Francisco both organize free movie nights. The society Film Night in The Park holds free screenings in Union Square, Dolores Park and Washington Square Park. You can even attend a free indoor screening at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Pretty cool i'd say. The Free movies screened are very variegated in genre and time so there is always something for everyone.

10. Free San Francisco Art Exhibitions At Pier 24

Pier 24 is a bit of a secluded gallery because despite offering free entry, it is only via appointment, so make sure you book a little in advance. Pier 24 offers great photography exhibitions and arranges free lectures of writers and other artists.

11. Free San Francisco Entrance at Many Museums

Cable Car MuseumThe Railway MuseumWells Fargo History Museum will all let you in the world of transportations with hints and bits of the past of this very town. The entrance is always free of charge in these museums. Many more museums offer free entrance during the first Tuesday of every month so plan a little ahead which museums are a priority for you because there is plenty to chose from!

12. Free San Francisco Music Festivals

San Francisco is rich in Free Music Festivals. Just to name a few of the festivals there you can find: The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, The Stern Grove Festival, the gigs organized by the Yerba Buena Gardens or even The Fillmore Jazz Festival!

The word goes to you now! Do you have any suggestions for this list of Free San Francisco things to do?

Images source: Pinterest. If you are one of the photographers behind them, let me know for the credits.