The Made in France Brand Behind Quality and Compassion.

Les Sublimes
Les Sublimes

This post is in collaboration with Les Sublimes.

I've always had a great passion for Fashion and i know it doesn't come off here on my blog as much. You may see my Instagram and get a glimpse of what i wear and buy, but you truly don't know this fashionable side of me.

I have just turned 22 and as much as I've always had a pretty hectic and on the move life and lifestyle, now more than ever i am questioning my life, my goals, my values. Everything pretty much.

Of all things, there is one i am certain of. And it is my love for writing and sharing, inspiring and creating. At the beginning of 2016, i made myself a promise. A BIG A** one. The life-changing promise of changing my Point of View on as many things as possible.

Now, let me explain myself properly here. I was raised being taught to always know where i stand, to always know my convictions, to defend strongly and fearlessly my beliefs.

But were these beliefs truly my beliefs in the first place?

At the end of last year i decided to challenge myself for 2016, so now i challenge myself. Every.Single.Day. I Question myself on the things I've always taught i had a formed and complete opinion on. And today i want to bring to you one of my challenges: Ethical Fashion.

Les Sublimes
Les Sublimes

Is it possible to find a balance between your desire for fashionable pieces in this fast-fashion system and still not damage the people behind these pieces and the environment?

I myself am an avid Fashion fan, after all, Sven Journal HQ is in Milan where you eat, read, sleep Fashion, but I'm getting more conscious as to whether I'm heading in the right direction in the bigger picture. Is my everyday life having a way bigger impact on other people's lives than i intended it to?

And this is when Les Sublimes Brand comes in the picture. Les Sublimes is (I'm really hating myself right now for using is, instead of are, because I've studied French for years and this is a big no-no, but let me just say i mean the Brand in its entirety) a Paris-based Fashion startup. They have created a permanent line of wardrobe essentials, putting their own spin on the effortless Parisian look.

Les Sublimes
Les Sublimes

The permanent collection is comprised of six styles with each piece being produced in France with eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, so easy breezy pieces perfect for travelling! You'll find the Paris tank and the Tokyo tank, the Stockholm tee and the Pokhara tee, the London Dress and the Buenos Aires dress, which you can all see here. Each piece is named after a different cool Capital, but don't get fooled: these pieces are so versatile you can throw them (with care!) in your suitcase and hop on the first place to everywhere.

The collection will proceed with the addition of complimentary styles, and variations in colours and fabrics. Which means, after buying all of them in every colour, don't despair, more will come! And in addition to providing quality pieces at very accessible prices, for every piece sold they are going to give one month of education to an unprivileged girl through their non-profit partners, with the belief that through education we can make a huge difference in fighting world poverty.

Les Sublimes
Les Sublimes

My favourite piece? Besides resisting the urge to immediately scream: All of them!, it has to be the Buenos Aires dress. It accomplishes the so hard mission of creating the perfect black dress and also embodies the ever strong athleisure trend, yet keeping it simple enough to be so versatile that you'll never run out of styling options. Seriously, I'm in love!

Les Sublimes: Beautiful Wardrobe Essentials. Without the Compromise.

Les Sublimes's brand integrity and mission got me hooked immediately. As soon as i read more about their vision i was in! The line launches on June 21st, which is also a very special day for me because it's my parent's wedding anniversary, a day i love and celebrate every year. Therefore i wish this Brand as much love and prosperity as my parent's marriage.

Now check out Les Sublimes and give them some love: The website, and order your pieces on their e-shop.

What are your ideas on Ethical Fashion? And what are your favourite Brands to shop at?

This post is in collaboration with Les Sublimes. Nonetheless, all opinions are my own and i would never promote something short of amazing and in which i don't believe.

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