5 Most Important Tips To Be More Productive

Morning is by far my favourite time of the day and wasting it away is one of the most frustrating feelings. Reaching noon and having accomplished nothing is the death of my day. I truly believe if you want to have a good day, you must have a good start. I, in spite of what I just said, am guilty of often wasting mornings away due to late nighters, so I'm here standing telling you that my tips are from someone who’s overcoming the unproductiveness of mornings. If I can do, you can do it.


It’s easy to say that you will wake up as soon as you organically wake up, but you will roll on the other side for the famous five more minutes. Set an alarm! It’s the only way. My biggest tip on this one is to place your alarm away from you, so you’re forced to physically get out of bed to turn it off. This is a game changer. And please, please, please, don’t set many alarms within 5 minutes distance because you think you’ll wake up more gradually. A lot of my friends do it, so what I'm about to say is a fact: you will get so used to the sound of your alarm, that you will end developing a “resistance” to it, and you will not even hear it anymore, and end up sleeping trough most of them, if not all. Set just one alarm, and stick to that same time of waking up every day.


Drinking water as soon as you wake up, is a detrimental necessity as you haven’t drunk anything in at least seven hours and you’re body is getting dehydrated by the hour. If you’re a Newby at drinking water as soon as you wake up, start small with a glass and slowly build your resistance to chug half a litre of water and more. Drinking water as soon as you wake up, helps your mind get clearer faster and brings your body into awake mode faster. I urge you to start small with this if you’re not used to water at all before getting out of your door because going from zero to ten in a day can really do more than damage than good. You indeed can feel nauseous from too much water. And too much water is when your body is used to little amounts of it, so slowly start implementing it. Bonus: drinking plenty (of water!) helps dramatically decrease your chances of getting a headache, as dehydration can cause most headaches. So drink up.

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Plain and simple. Don’t think about how much you hate making it, just do it. It takes less than five minutes and it makes all the difference in your space, physical and mental.


Getting ahead of time is the best way to get into a productive mode. Putting on makeup and overall getting ready makes it easy to take on the world if you get a call or a text to meet soon. Otherwise, when you receive that notification, you’ll be in your pyjamas and unready completely and you’re more likely to make up an excuse and don’t go. Don’t miss out of so many unnoticed chances. Putting on your face every day will make you enter the productive mode in a second, without you even realising it. So polish up.

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Eating junk and overall not so good foods, in the long run, will make you feel sluggish and unmotivated, your levels of productivity will decrease consequentially. Eating healthy improves every aspect of life, therefore you can’t possibly be more productive than when you nourish your body and mind with mindful foods.

What tips do you follow to get more productive?

Image Source: Sarah M. Dorsey Design