Autumn Detox: Dusk till Dawn Small Changes For a Big Impact

Autumn is the perfect season where to start when you want to better yourself in some areas of your life. Like Mother Nature is taking a break for the next six months to recharge, so should you. Slow down for a moment to actually visualise if there is something you’ve been putting off for the past weeks or months in your life, some areas that you’ve been meaning to improve for a while. The warmer months are hectic, to say the least, whereas the colder months call for a change of direction. While you slow down, you can actually talk to yourself. Yes, talk to yourself. Connect with your desires at a calmer pace. In order to improve areas of your life in whicyh you want to be the best version of yourself, you actually have to be the best version of your life. It all starts with your very own body.

Here are listed some small changes you can implement today for a big impact in the future:

Autumn Detox Tips tried by yours truly!

  • Hydrate

Start your day with a glass of water upon rising and slowly work up your water intake throughout the day. To keep it interesting spice up your water with citrusy flavours by adding some slices of lemon and orange. Bonus points if you squeeze in 2-3 cups ouf green tea a day.

  • Fast For 12 Hours  

Fasting has a double benefit: In order to fast the right way, you have to eat relatively early, which prevents you from eating too late at night, which is responsible for unexpected weight gains because the same amount of calories eaten late at night rather than early in the evening has a bigger impact on your body. Leptin signals your brain that you don’t need much energy anymore ( because you should go to bed soon), therefore it won’t set the fat burning  mode on until the next morning when you wake up. The very star benefit of the show here is that fasting 12 or 16 hours depending on  your preference gives your body plenty of “free time” to take care of your body by healing and detoxing it. Right after eating, your body is busy in the digestion process for 6-8 hours, after which it’s free to detox the body which puts into action a strong fat burning activity. Win Win! Plus all that time spent in the healing and detoxing process has been proved to prevent ageing.

  • Plant Based Challenges

Take on mini vegan challenges set at your own pace. Challenge yourself to eat plant-based for a day a week or that you will eat one meal fully plant based every day ( breakfast is ideally the easiest time to achieve it) or whatever challenge that gets you excited. Challenging yourself with plant based actions with up your veggies intake and that can only do you incredible good. Setting plant based goals takes away the pressure of full on vegan week challenges or the pressure for a dietary commitment that can feel too overwhelming when your life is too hectic. By challenging myself i discovered great plant-based recipes which leave me feeling guilty free even if you eat the entire batch of cookies :P

  • Sleep in the dark

And lastly. Who doesn't love a good night of sleep? By sleeping in the dark you improve your quality sleep and consequentially your health by a long shot. All while simply pulling the curtains.

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :


What are some of the tips you use to detoxify your system and to feel the very best version of yourself?

( Also! Let me know if you'd be interested in some of the plant-based recipes I have been discovering on my challenges.)