Testing Skinny Coffee Club

Hello, Friends! Today I want to share the latest Blogger Mail I have received, which is a delivery I am most excited about: Skinny Coffee Club. I've been toying for a while with the idea of trying the detox that has taken over my Instagram feed for the past few months, and, like it was destiny, two weeks ago, the Skinny Coffee Club team contacted me asking me if I wanted to try it. My answer was, obviously, yes! Skinny Coffee Club claimed benefits are: fast and consisent weight loss, improved complexion and radiant glow, and increased energy levels. With such claims, of course I'd be intrigued. Therefore here I am telling you that I'll be trying their 28 days program and I'll report back. If you guys are interested in buying it for yourself, use my discount code for 20% off of your order: SVENJOURNAL20 ! 

What do you guys think of this detox? Will you try it?

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