Hello, friends! As you may have seen, my latest posts have been slightly straying away from my usual travel only posts! That's because I want a change!

Travel is my air and soul, but I like to think that there is more than just travel in my life. Until I can become a full-time traveller, as I've always dreamed of doing, I want to share more day to day content. Content which resonates more with my daily life, the little things i love besides travelling because I struggle to write about beautiful travel experiences when I am not living them in that very moment. That's why I never wrote about my travel experiences before opening this blog.

So basically: I want to write more on my blog, daily would be ideal! I will not write solely about travel anymore, and I hope you'll be as excited as I am as I, better say WE, YOU AND I, enter this new chapter for Sven Journal! 

I love you all immensely, and I cherish every one of you who visit my website daily. Do please start leaving me some more comments on what you want me to write about as well! Pretty please. 

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